The Thin Blue Line

Cops.  You know that you love them.  Want some feel good cop stories?
Here’s one.  Via The Agitator.

TAVARES — A father who accused a Mount Dora policeman last year of dumping out his infant daughter’s cremated remains sued the city and the officer Monday.

Taken from the Orlando Sentinel.
Not enough for you?  Here.

SEATTLE – A man apparently woken from a drunken stupor by Pierce County sheriff’s deputies, repeatedly zapped with a stun gun and finally chewed by a police dog – all in front of a production crew from the TV show "Cops" – has sued the county and the officers, alleging brutality.

The deputies, accompanied by a K-9 officer from the Tacoma Police Department, were looking for an armed suspect in a car break-in when they came upon Aaron Otto Hansen, 34, of Roy, early on July 10, 2004.

Hansen, who did not commit the crime, was passed out drunk in a sleeping bag outside a relative’s home in the Tacoma suburb of Lakewood, one of his lawyers said. The "Cops" video footage of his arrest, obtained by The Associated Press, seems to support that claim:

Via Fark.
Gak.  Here’s another wonderful story, closer to home… which sucks.

Denver – The police officer who shot and killed Frank Lobato, Jr. after mistaking a soda can for a gun faces a 90-day suspension without pay. The announcement this morning by Denver Manager of Safety Al LaCabe comes more than a year after the July 11, 2004 shooting. Police Chief Gerry Whitman had previously recommended a 30-day suspension for Officer Ranjan Ford in the death of Lobato, 63.

Sigh.  Now, I’m not here to crap on police, because God knows that their job is hard enough.
But cops… scare me.  Not all of them (and I’m talking to you, community police in Capitol Hill – you know who you are), but definitely a LOT of them.  And I don’t even smoke pot.
Have a good weekend. 
But be careful out there.



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