Geek Update – OpenOffice

Again, it’s my personal responsibility to keep you, the reader, in the mix of all things geek.
With that in mind, I bring you (should pop to the download page, unless my html is that bad):
Try try.  Likey likey.  Free free.
Other good things, from their website: Version 1 was the first product to deliver the benefits of open-source software to mass-market users, delivering essential everyday software tools completely free of charge. Translated into over 30 languages, available on all major computing platforms (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X X11, GNU/Linux, Solaris), Version 1 is now in use by tens of millions of delighted users worldwide.

With Version 2, it gets even better:

  • the first office suite to use the new OASIS OpenDocument format, the future-proof international standard for office software
  • easier to install, with a whole new look and feel, matched to the type of computer in use
  • more intuitive, more easy to use than ever, with a host of new usability features
  • introducing a major new component, Base: an easy-to-use database manager with a fully integrated database
  • more compatible with other software packages – now understands even obscure and rarely used features in major competitors

But the licence is still the same: you may download Version 2 completely free of any licence fees, use it for any purpose– private, educational, government and public administration, commercial – and pass on copies free of charge to family, friends, students, employees, etc.

How can you pass that up?
As soon as I get my freakin’ computer fixed, I’m downloading.  I think that either old Betsy is about to either break completely or I need a new video card and some freakin’ RAM.

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