Good For You, Boys

There are several reasons to like Google. 
Oftentimes, I give examples, like here, here, and here.
Here’s yet another reason.

Google is rebuffing the government’s demand for a peek at what millions of people have been looking up on the Internet’s leading search engine – a request that raises concerns Big Brother may be watching a little too closely.
Thank the New York Daily News for that.  Thank Fark for paying attention.
Now.  As everyone who reads this blog knows, I’m a Google fan.  So, I’d like to take this opportunity for Google taking a stand, even if it eventually proves to be fruitless, verus The Man.  The Man is big and scary, and we all owe The Man money.  It’s cool that a bunch of computer nerds can stand up to The Man.
However, just to make sure that everyone is completely aware of the fact that I don’t yet suckle at the Googlalian teet, I should give you an example of something that Google can most certainly improve.  God, how I wish they’d improve it.  Here goes….
Why, oh WHY, does Blogger not support categories without forcing a man to do a hack ?  I mean, Blogger is great, but just not good enough sometimes. 
Ah well.  Play on, playa.


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