I wouldn’t mind it.  Being SuperDad, I mean.
Fortunately for me, with Father’s Day coming, everyone and their mother is running self-improvement articles.  Courtesy of

Learning to read is a process, one that requires mastering three basic skills. These skills are syntax, semantics, and phonics. Syntax (grammar and punctuation) is the way words, phrases, and clauses go together to create sentences and paragraphs. Semantics is the way words and sentences in a group relate to one another. Phonics refers to the sounds letters make and the relationship between written and spoken words, or comprehension.

This is from the Learning to Read section.  As you might imagine, there are a lot of sections.
Naturally, I plan on reading it all.  I will then index the information and enter it on my Palm Pilot (with time reminders), so that when the appropriate time comes, I can refer to it and use the information accordingly.
Or, instead, I might read it and play everything by ear, like my parents did.
It seemed to work.  So far.

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