A Good Idea That, If You Really Think About It, Will Make You Sick

An Oklahoma retired veteran and state school superintendent candidate is campaigning to have bullet-proof textbooks. Bill Crozier tested traditional textbooks to see what, if any kind of bullets a textbook would stop. The traditional textbooks were able to stop handgun bullets, but not rifle bullets. Crozier is suggesting making the covers out of Kevlar.
Via Gizmodo.
Here’s an idea. 
Instead of worrying about making textbooks out of Kevlar, why don’t we concentrate on trying to make schools safer, for God’s sake?!  Is this truly what the world is coming to?  Is society really THAT DUMB?  Seriously, now!  This is not rocket science. 
Here’s a thought: how about more security at schools INSTEAD OF Kevlar textbooks?!
I have a two-year old who will be attending pre-school late next year.  Should I be expecting Kevlar LEGOS, next?
This is actually a perfect representation of the theory of "Treating The Symptom, and Not The Problem" thinking that is so prevalent in today’s society.
These are certainly not humanity’s brightest moments ever.



One response to “A Good Idea That, If You Really Think About It, Will Make You Sick

  1. from pre-school to 12th grade, why not make full body armor the uniform? wearing heavy armor 8 hours a day would help curb childhood obesity and parents wouldn’t have to worry about spending a fortune on junior’s designer wardrobe.

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