Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

The remarkably dependable Consumerist comes to bat for you and reminds you about tax deductions that you should NOT miss.

1. State sales taxes.
2. $250 educators’ expenses.
3. College tuition.
4. Student loan interest paid by mom and dad.
5. Out-of-pocket charitable contributions.
6. Moving expense to take first job.
7. Military reservists travel expenses.
8. Child-care credit.
9. Estate tax on income in respect of a decedent
10. State tax you paid last spring.
11. Refinancing points.
12. Reinvested dividends
13. Jury pay paid to employer.

Kiplinger’s published this first.

This seems like a fine time to post this as well; here’s the information on the Telephone Excise Tax Refund that a shocking amount of American taxpayers will be able to get this year.  Please don’t just let this slide, follow up.  Additional information on this refund is all over the Internet.


2 responses to “Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

  1. and if you go to the Consumerist’s 50 most overlooked, you’ll see:
    24. Gambling losses to the extent of gambling winnings.
    That’s a ridiculous deduction and one that’s probably near impossible to prove. If you claimed that, you’d probably be in for an audit.

  2. Luke slapped a few dewy drops. Cleo pulled out the guys are miley cyrus dirty pics lucky in.

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