It’s new. It’s Single Dads.

This is the first official post on my new blog, Single Dads.  I’d tell you exactly what to expect, but at this point, I’m simply updating posts (from another source) and getting the template ready.  What this means is that if you’re a single dad, or care about a single dad, or even have an interest in what single dads say, this is your place.  I’m a single dad myself, and my idea is that there really aren’t a lot of places on the way for people like me to go on the Internet and find like folks.  Hence, this was born.  Purely a labor of necessity.

Things are going to change fast around here.  Be ready.  Look often, as I know that I’ll be updating quite frequently.  Thanks for taking a look, and please, let me know if there’s anything in particular that you want to see, suggestions for topics or layout, categories you’d like to access, or any good info you can give me.


One response to “It’s new. It’s Single Dads.


    “>Im a single dad, I’ve raised my son since he was three. Thats him next to the D .N.A. model we worked on together.
    Because I live in the city,a black nieborhood, their is also a lack of fathers present to support their kids.I sacrificed jobs and money to personally walk my son thru the formative years. I realy felt all alone,nothing but mothers and their children. Many without fathers present in thier lives.I sacrificed also dating because I felt it would distract me from my double duties. His mother was not availible. Many mothers overwelmed me with thier request for me to be thier and be a good influence for their sons too. Where were their fathers ? Some working, some not there. I had to turn the mothers down because, they were not willing to make the same sacrifises. They were not aware of the some of the moral issues I was instilling in my son that was abscent in thier lives. Not only did I not have time or extra to sacrifice ,but trYing to combine the up bringing of my child with theirs would have been too much for me to handle and still REACH the goals I had set for my son.
    I Taught him computers before kindergarten,help him all along the way as he maintained an A average. He graduated from grammer school Valadictorian 3.9 average. I was so proud of him and glad I made the sacrifice.
    Hes a junior in high school now, and so far wer’e beating the odds…….Now colledge ,,,,How am I going to pull that off.

    A Fathers Involment makes a Biiiiig difference.


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