Site Maintenance

You are going to see quite a few new items here on Single Dads.  This website, being a labor of love, will go through several changes as more features are incorporated and as it gets ready for Prime Time.  There have been many additions to the blogroll, including:

Daddy Types– A weblog for new dads.

Parenting Hacks – Real world parenting tips from actual parents, naturally.

Parenting Ideas – Features practical parenting ideas and tips.

T’mornin’– A single mom’s weblog.  She’s a friend of mine.  I don’t discriminate against mothers.

ringloss – Another friend’s blog.

Jaxed– A internet culture-oriented blog/website.

Engtech – A great WordPress blog for getting new blogging ideas and techniques.  I owe this site a debt of gratitude.

You’ll see posts being removed and things being moved around as we tinker with site design.  Hopefully you’ll see couple of new pages appear with some new features.  Basically I would like this to be a site that you look forward to reading, and if you have suggestions, please feel free to comment and let me know – I might try to incorporate them into the blog.


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