One Of The Talks I Hope To Give My Daughter

…and I don’t mean that one that you’re probably thinking.

I devote a lot of time thinking about things that I’ll tell my three year old daughter when she gets older, and lately, the topic that has crossed my mind quite a bit regards drugs. In our Paris, Lohan, Nicole, Britney crazed society, it probably doesn’t take too much of a mental leap to figure out why.

But the key thing that has crossed my mind is this: most parents probably do not spend the brain power considering how to approach the subject of use and abuse of substances, controlled or otherwise, with their kids.

I don’t want to be one of those parents, so after considering the question, I believe there might be a decent discussion out there on the subject. My proposal to answer the question “What would you say to your child about drugs?” is this:

“Honey, let me tell you something about drugs. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve ever taken them, but in the past I have. Really I have. But over time, I’ve come to some conclusions. Someday, someone that you think is attractive, perhaps someone that’s rich, , or powerful, or that you admire, will offer you drugs. And you might be curious, and you might think that perhaps if you do what they do or offer, you’ll be as attractive, rich, or powerful as they are.”

“This is not the case. Those people that are rich or beautiful or whatever WILL NOT feel as good as you feel the next day after they have made the offer. You will be smarter than them for not following along with the crowd. You will not be panicked, you will not be depressed, you will not be ashamed, and they will be.”

“I’m not saying that this will happen today, or even tomorrow, but eventually it will happen, and when it does, just try to remember what I’m saying right now, and don’t do it.”

I don’t know if that is the smartest thing that I could say, and I have no idea if it would work, but I think those are very close to the words I’d utter.

And if that didn’t work, I’d try again with something else.

In my humble opinion, that is what any Dad would do.


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