The Second Best Motivational Book I’ve Read All Year

Here’s a recommendation for people out there that are parents of all stripes, single or not: read. You should never stop growing and learning, especially when you have kids, and I was fortunate to figure that out relatively early after the breakup with the ex.

With this in mind, I’ve read… a LOT. Fiction or non-fiction, mysteries, self-help, biographies, and all sorts of topics simply to keep my mind engaged. My significant other is a big help with this, and recently she picked this up for me: The Flip Side, by a guy named Flip Flippen.

This book is a self-help book that focuses on giving the reader what Mr. Flippen calls “the killer constraints” and helps you to identify which of the constraints that you possess, and then, shockingly, actually gives you information on how to battle these constraints and beat them for the benefit of you, your family, your social, and your professional life.

What an enlightening but easy read. Not long after starting this book I had discovered my own personal constraints, and motivated to begin an action plan to beat them, which was an empowering exercise.

Take a look at this book. You won’t regret it. The website is

Incidentally, you might be wondering what the FIRST best motivational book is that I’ve read all year. I can hear you.

The answer?

The Last Days of Dead Celebrities by Mitchell Fink.

Figure that out.


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