An Unfortunate Stereotype That’s Completely True

apples.jpgOver at San Luis they confirm something that men all over the world already know and how it affects our kidlets.

Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor.

A recent survey of 1,111 men done for the American Academy of Family Physicians found that nearly 30 percent of men say they “wait as long as possible” before seeking medical help even when they feel sick or in pain. And 55 percent said they hadn’t seen their primary care physician for an exam in the past year.

So perhaps it’s a little much to expect that masculine tendencies would change just because they’re single dads? Yup.

According to research published online by the journal Health Services Research, children who live with a single dad are 8 percent less likely to have a well-child visit than children in other families.

Perhaps you expect me to hem and haw and say something along the lines of “Nooooo! It’s not true! I go to the doctor every time that I get sick and would never not take my daughter to a well-child visit!”

The sad fact is that this is only partly true. I would never miss a well-child visit with Gracie, but me go to the doctor? Only if I was on the verge of death – which has happened on one occasion, where I was duly informed by my primary care physician that my lung capacity was 26% of normal and that I wasn’t going back to work under any circumstances for the next week.

My uncle once gave me some sage advice: If you don’t take care of yourself, you aren’t going to be any good for your kids, so take care of yourself first.

Obviously, my uncle is a smart man.


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