My Response To A Comment

Not long ago, I made a post called “Deadbeat Dads Drive Me Crazy” that elicited one of the more interesting responses that I’ve had in the few years that I’ve been posting articles on the Internet. Naturally, I’ll edit out some of the comment, but you know that you can really see it if you go read the article again. I’m sure comments are enabled.

Here it is:

“Todd xxxxx xxxxx is living in xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx he is a 31 year old deadbeat.
Has 2 boys walked out on 4 yrs & 3 months paid nothing for 9 months before child support was ordered. Was ordered to pay $1,100.00 per month child support beginning Feb 9, 2007 as of today Aug. 8, 2007 has only paid just under $900.00 he is over $5,700.00 in arrears and an additional $1,100.00 as of Aug.9,2007 for a total of $6,800.00 He is UNEMPLOYED AGAIN,believed to be selling & using drugs.”

Isn’t that interesting? Here I have a blog about trying to be a positive single parent, and here’s a young woman (I’m presuming) that has decided that my little website is a perfect place for her to vent her anger about a deadbeat dad of her own. I had no idea my little article would bring such a response.

My initial thought was to remove the post, old school style. But that seemed too much like censoring, so I didn’t do that. So,with that in mind, I decided to do a post on it instead.

No one is saying that there are not deadbeat dads out there. Seriously, I feel for women that are in the situation that they have to be even the slightest bit involved with deadbeats. But here’s a fact: this site is not about deadbeat dads; this site is about support for parents who want to be involved with their kids, like I am. I have no intention of giving a lot of publicity to exes of deadbeats, although I have no love for deadbeats themselves. Frankly, I don’t have the mental capacity to deal with writing about all the goofballs out there, nor am I interested in shouting the names of a bunch of dads who won’t do something that they are supposed to do anyway.
I am a simple, very simple, man, trying his very best, despite the roadblocks set out in front of me, to do the best that I possibly can do by my daughter, my only daughter, and the sad fact that other men in my position don’t do this is just that, sad, but not something that I have the time to fixate on or change much more than by just writing in this blog.

So help me. Be positive. Be real. Be supportive of others. I will wish all of you the best. But being negative is not something that I will tolerate.

I’m sure that we understand each other.

And to Ms. Pissed Off Single Mom… I don’t know if your story is true, but if it is, I feel for you. This site, however, is not the forum for you to vent in the manner that you have. I didn’t create this site to expose the worst of us, but to empower those of us that want to be the best parents that we all can be. Venom, whether it’s from a 31 year old mom of two with custody of her two kids, or from a 46 year old man who laments the fact that mom has both custody of the kid and also a raging meth habit, is not something that will work well for here.

Besides, the Internet is a big place. If revenge is what you want, plenty of sites provide that opportunity. I just don’t go there.


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