Now Cribs?! That’s It For Chinese Products For Me

ChinaAt least the cribs didn’t have lead in them or something, but I think that I’ve reached the end of my rope for products from China.

WASHINGTON – About 1 million Simplicity and Graco cribs have been recalled after three children became entrapped and suffocated.

The recall was announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Friday, more than two years after a California lawyer says he alerted the federal agency about a 9-month-old who died in a faulty crib.

Via MSNBC.  Now for the kicker:

Products are safe’
Simplicity Inc., of Reading, Pa., manufactured all the cribs, which were made in China.

“We feel comfortable that our products are safe,” Simplicity President Ken Waldman said in a telephone interview.

The newer model cribs are safe, even though the 1-year-old died in one of the updated versions, Waldman said. “There are other factors involved with that case,” he said, refusing to discuss the details because of the investigation.

This could be a tough Christmas shopping for my girl, since there is a distinct possibility that I might only shop at locations where I can easily determine where a particular product is built without opening a box. 


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