Senate Backs Health Care Bill For Kids! Yippi… Hey, Wait A Minute

The classic “Good news, bad news” scenario in government continues.  I read the headline of this MSNBC article with a happy heart and skip in my step… until I read the punchline.

WASHINGTON – Congress approved legislation Thursday adding 4 million children to a popular health care program, setting up a veto fight that President Bush probably will win but handing Democrats a campaign issue for next year’s elections.

Here’s my point.  Who cares if there is a campaign issue for next year’s elections?  Wouldn’t it be a better, happier result if the kids that need to have health insurance actually have it?

Here’s a touch more from the article, which I suggest that you read, because I would rather that nothing be taken too much out of context.

Analysts projected the legislation would allow about 4 million of the estimated 9 million uninsured children in the United States to gain coverage.

Sounds expensive, but for some reason, that seems ok by me.  You can call me Pro-Kid.  A few billion dollars for heath insurance for kids certainly looks positive on the surface.  Perhaps it’s time to do a bit of research.


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