A Parenting Interview

No, no one interviewed me about being a great parent, although if someone wanted to, I’d extrapolate on a few parenting tips that I’ve learned, all the while thinking to myself that I really don’t know much of anything, am playing it all by ear, and simply trying to do the best that I can.  No, no one interviewed this single parent.

However, the author at Zen Habits was recently interviewed by ParentingWonder.com about his parenting skills, ideas, and how he has managed to help raising six children (gasp!) and keep everything together.  Here’s a quick excerpt:

5.    Every parent wants a happy, confident and successful kid. What’s the best way to achieve this?

Show that you care about what they do, help them become competent, give them confidence in their competence, support them, love them. There’s no one answer, but if you do these things, I think you’ll succeed.

Spoken like a true believer; you can sign me up for his newsletter.  If he can handle six, certainly I can handle one.  If you take nothing else from his interview but love and priorities, then I think your reading would be a successful interpretation indeed.


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