The Food And Drug Adminstration Strikes Again – Albeit, A Little Late

We live in an age of discovery, which is a fact that I am thankful for daily.  I am convinced that the powers that be mean well, even if they tend to come across little tidbits that can have lasting health impacts on you and yours just a little bit late.  The good news for children’s medications comes from the New York Times:

SILVER SPRING, Md., Oct. 19 — A Food and Drug Administration panel of advisers voted Friday to ban scores of popular over-the-counter cough and cold products intended for children under the age of 6 because they have not been proven to work and can cause injuries, a Food and Drug Administration panel of experts voted on Friday.

I find your lack of faith disturbing, says the US Government.

Actually, perhaps I am a little bit disturbed by the above news, especially since in the same article, one parent mentioned his belief that a pediatric cold medicine may have contributed to a brain injury to his child.

Possibly the worst thing about the article, though, was this quote:

Amy J. Celento-Stamateris, a patient representative on the panel from Nutley, N.J., said that she was worried that if the panel voted to remove all pediatric products from the market, parents would end up giving to their children products intended for adults, raising fears of overdoses.

“My concern is that by taking these medications off the market, parents have limited alternatives,” Ms. Celento-Stamateris said. “I’m not going to name names among my acquaintances, but people do use these medications to make their children get some sleep.”

I think that in the long, cold calculus of medications that can permanently hurt your children versus you, and them, losing sleep, the mathematics is clear.  Sleep loses.  I’ll bet that the person who gave their child that cold medication who now has to watch them go through multiple operations because of the side effects has REAL trouble sleeping at night.

I gave up on sleeping the first night my daughter came home.  I figure that I can make it up in, say, year 2018 or so.


2 responses to “The Food And Drug Adminstration Strikes Again – Albeit, A Little Late

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  2. Only aspirin is proven effective, I’m wary of any other OTC drugs and especially wary of prescription ones. And giving them to kids too often puts the idea in their head that there’s a pill for everything and it’s okay to use them anytime. I’m sure environment plays an increasing role, but a lot of ailments could be curbed with diet, exercise and for mental health, a good family relationships.

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