This Man Really Has The Child Support Blues

Scenario: You break up with your wife, who has your children. You see your kids and pay child support for years, then discover to your horror that one of the kids that you thought was yours in fact wasn’t yours at all. So, you seek to decrease child support payments. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Wrong. Not in New Jersey.

TRENTON, N.J. – Paternity doesn’t count when it comes to a Hunterdon County man’s bid to lower child support payments for a child that’s not his.

An appeals court upheld a lower court which denied the man’s request in 2006 after he said he discovered he was not the father of the 10-year-old girl.

The appeals panel found the judge put the best interest of the child first.

Via Newsday.

So, wait. Married couple has a kid then another. Couple gets divorced. Man pays child support, then finds out that one of the children isn’t his. He wants his child support reduced, and they rule against him? Really? I would think that the ex-wife committed a crime in lying to the ex-husband in the first place, then his acting on that crime would nullify the child support responsibility.

This story is filled with so much wrong. Women should hate it too. Doesn’t this one individual basically make a bunch of women who deserve child support for their children look bad?

I’m quite sure that I don’t have the whole story, but my, that sounds ridiculous. I can’t imagine how screwed up that poor child is going to be as well.

What’s the lesson to learn here?


3 responses to “This Man Really Has The Child Support Blues

  1. The lesson, I think, is that we’re still a society that always looks at the woman as the victim. And someone must pay. Even if it’s a guy that TOTALLY doesn’t deserve it.

    But I like women. They’re pretty.

  2. Even though I understand on some level why he was asking for support reduction, I’m wondering how this man could turn off all the feelings he had when he thought his daughter was of his own blood.

    As you said, we don’t know the full-story.

    My heart goes out to the little girl.

  3. I can’t believe you are surprised by this…This goes on EVERY SINGLE DAY in the USA…

    As far as turning off feelings, I don’t think that’s fair to say…Did you know that the judges and crazy women out there allow this to happen and say they are doing it “for the benefit of the child”…You see, you even think that you might have the story wrong and still, your concern is the “love or relationship with that little girl”….Guess what? Some men who HAVE been proven to NOT be the biological fathers, are MADE TO PAY…continue to pay, yet the same courts that claim they do all of these injustices to men for the “sake of the children”, have also taken away any parental rights from men/visitation rights when they are found to not be the biological fathers…but STILL make them continue to pay child support…if that’s not ridiculous, not sure what is…

    But don’t take it from me, read what this judge in Texas just said recently…and how he’s being penalized by the Texas Attorney General that deals with child support in Texas…

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