Where’s Daddy?

The great thing about having a little time off from Single Dads and my other blog is that I have no shortage of things to write about.  However, some things are timelier than others.  This article from the Buffalo News, however, made me just a little upset.

Dante Brown is a playful, rambunctious toddler growing up on the city’s West Side.

TraJanae Sanders is the same kind of kid, growing up on the East Side.

A lot separates these 2-year-olds, but in some important ways, their young lives already echo with similarity. Both are poor.

Both are being raised by young women who bore them as teenagers.

And neither child has a dad at home. Dante and TraJanae are two faces of a change that’s deeply affecting many neighborhoods in Buffalo — where today 43 percent of children live below the poverty line.

These two children, and at least 18,450 others in the city, are growing up in low-income homes headed by women alone. This is fatherless Buffalo.

Nifty.  Nice job out there in Buffalo, guys.

Look, men as a whole are dumb enough; I don’t think that I know one person that wouldn’t agree with me, and I do know a lot of people.  However, there’s no reason to make us look MORE dumb by not sticking by your kids.  YOUR KIDS, GENTLEMEN.

I’m not with my daughter’s mother, but I’m definitely with my daughter, Grace, and by God, she knows it, and will know it, for the rest of her life.  I’m not going ANYWHERE.  Shoot, it’s hard enough to not see her for a weekend.

I have a million stories to prove that.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, on behalf of the millions of men out there that love their kids and would never abandon them, mothers of the world, I apologize.


2 responses to “Where’s Daddy?

  1. Another tip guys, “I’m on the pill” is the oldest lie out there. Get to know her first and in the meantime, use protection ’til you do. Some want the child and the child support that comes with it, but not the realtionship. Or if she wants to have a sibling for her existing child and the support that comes with it. That type is not the majority but there are some thoughtless ones out there.

  2. In Alabama, child support is figured using Guidelines set out in legislation. These guidelines can be deviated from for good cause shown and if approved by a Judge, but for the most part, they stick to the formula; it’s pretty cut and dry. This is done not only in the spirit of fairness and equity to keep everyone’s support balanced, but also because of the sheer volume of Domestic cases coming through the Court system. If a Judge had to figure out every situation differently, nothing would ever get done, so they make a set formula to ensure speedy calculation. This is done in numerous other jurisdictions as well. If one is curious about child support in Alabama, there are some up to date Alabama Child Support Calculator (s) out there that will give a pretty close approximation of what your support Order will look like.

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