Homage To A Master

I haven’t said much about anything lately, especially about Death staging a huge celebrity sleepover last week, but for some reason, this struck me as a classic, appropriate of the classic Michael Jackson. You want proof on how much the King of Pop has influenced culture? Look no further. For your amusement: Prison Thriller.

From one single dad to another, rest in peace, Michael.  I might not have “gotten” everything that you did (I never believed some of the more disgusting allegations), but damn, did you leave a legacy.  Thanks for that.


2 responses to “Homage To A Master

  1. Talk about a small world, I’m a single father of 2 kids, and that video you’re talking about is in my hometown. That’s a tourist attraction now if you can believe that.

  2. Somehow, I believe that it’s a tourist attraction. Nice!

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