How are you meeting other single parents?

This might be interesting – probably only to me – because it’s something that I’ve never tried before.  I’m interested to see how other people are meeting other single parents.  Are you doing it the old fashioned way, or using the internet to do it?  I wonder for several reasons.  Notably, I’ve seen successful internet romantic relationships happen… well, never.  But I’m not in the market, so don’t get excited… or frightened.

I have seen other types of relationships happen and be fulfilling for others, though.  I think this is where I give a shout to Yelp and Meetup.

Take the poll!


4 responses to “How are you meeting other single parents?

  1. hi im searching for a friend

  2. Aight, check this out. Most single dads do not get custody of their kids. They get visitation on Wednesday night and every other weekend. So, to see single dads in action, go out to modestly priced, fun restaurants on Wednesday nights. Good examples are macado’s, Red Robin, and any fast food place with a playground.

  3. Oh, also any playground during good weather!

  4. I was amazed by the results of your poll.Thanks for the share

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