About Single Dads

My name is Clark, and this is Single Dads.

Single Dads is inspired by the solitary fact that I am a single dad. I have a four year old daughter named Grace, and she has a half-sister. Often I’ll write about them both. This blog is dedicated to them.

Originally, I had intended this blog to be a positive resource for single dads, but as I’ve continued got to read, write, and learn, I’ve discovered that it’s really more about how to be a better parent, single dad, single mom, or otherwise. Of course, the humor and lunacy of being a part-time father is what I can relate to most, so don’t judge me too harshly if I fixate on that for a bit. Consider that part of my mental makeup.

Single Dads is a labor of love, a combination of advice, self-help, and a nagging need to write things down so that I’ll remember them later, and so my daughter has insight to how her father thinks, and thought, when she’s old enough to read this online herself.

I have a number of blogs that I contribute to, some more regularly than others:

Single Dads: what you’re presently reading.

Divorce 360: A community for people that need advice, information, and a community for divorce. If you need or want information on divorces or marriage, this is a good place to get it.

POW – The blog: A blog that focuses more on humor, tech, internet culture, and current events. This was my first blog, started way back in 2003 with this post. As you’ll see I’ve come a long way in posting since then, even after a pretty long hiatus where I actually forgot about blogging altogether!

Smart Resumes: A blog where I will help you write a resume and occasionally include employment tips and employment related posts. I started this as an assistance to friends, and it grew from there. I need to spend more with that site, and I will, when time permits.

My hope is that single parents and parents of all stripes will gather some good information, advice, read interesting opinions and perhaps laugh or cry a bit as they read through what I’ve got to say.  Besides Divorce 360, I’ve also written articles for Shakadoo.com.  You can find me there if you look.

Also, you might want to check out my blogroll. I try to include as much good stuff in there as I can, and I ACTUALLY try to keep it up to date. I visit the places on my blogroll with great regularity.

So, welcome! I hope that you enjoy your read, and feel free to contact me at any time.



5 responses to “About Single Dads

  1. interested in talking to you about a writing opportunity. please contact me. paula@smallponds.com

  2. Our incredible father story is picking up some serious media attention. We could use your help be writing and linking to our story ASAP to keep the momentum going! We need as much media exposure as possible because this is a very expensive undertaking.
    Angela Pedersen


  3. recently divorced/single parent in a bitter bitter divorce with my ex. Daughter has become a pawn between the both of us. We hate each other and our daughter knows it. In Buffalo, would love to hear back from other single dads in the area. I am sticking with my daughter no matter what, I want to be an influence in her life. My ex and her family have no respect for my family and vice versa.

  4. All parents are different and are not able to provide in the same manner at the same time, and children have different needs from each parent in various stages of their lives.

  5. i am a single father . & being a single parent is great. the problem lies with the system in concerning children.

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