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  1. Pretty useful info. I went through all this 3 years ago, and hopefully I am beyond the b.s. of divorce. I’ve added this link to my favorites and if you don’t mind, I’d like to also add the feed to my blog. Stop by my site or drop me an e-mail if it’s ok.

  2. What can I say? I have been a single dad you the last ten years. Thier mother my ex wife is an alcholic and comes in and out of our lives with her excuses whyshe can’t be a mom a couple times a year and then she disapears. It was a hard time in the beginning. Tanner was just 4 and Alex was 10. We struggled with money and emotionaly. I had to give up my job to find a job that would allow me to pick up kids from school and not leave my youngest in daycare. We moved to a new house and to show my sons we could have alot more fun without a woman in the house I gave Tanner some colored pins andtold him to decorate his room. I let Alex blast his music and do pretty much what ever he wanted. I grew my hair long and we became buds. I learned how to nurture when some got a boo boo and did all the shopping and cleaning, which was maybe minimal. I went to the school meatings and learned alot of single parentingwas more logistics than anything. When ever i did bring a woman to my home my boys were happy to see a girl but they were just as happy to see them leave. I put everything into my boys maybe because of some guilt and maybe because they were fun. I pushed some good women out of my life that truly loved me and my sons. Maybe because I have been so protective of Alex and Tanner or maybe because I could not give up my idenity of being a single dad. I have been warned by(mainly womwn I ahve dated I will be a lonley man when ny children grow up) That might be true. Alex is 19 now and Tanner is 13. Alex is in college, taking classes to be a parmedic and Tanner is an A student. I did good. I never yelled at my Kids and they have hope in thier life. I wish Alex would call me more because I miss him, and Tanner is now an only child which make my logistics even more challenging. Here is what I want some dad out thier to thunk about. Give your kids all you can. Love them and balance your life. Your kids will grow up. What we want as dads is a relationship after they grow up. we want them to be people we would like to hang out with and we want to be people they want to hang out with. That relationship last til we die.
    I might be lonely and wish I could have not done it all by myself. But this may be my lagacy.

  3. What a great site! would love to be listed as a link on your site. We offer a family calendar with many free and low cost events, articles, resources and more for Denver/Metro Families. Thanks so much.

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